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Whole Food/Plant-Based Personal Chef Services

Vege Joy Rainbow Salad

Vege Joy Rainbow Salad

 All of my dishes can be gluten-free and I use organic, non-GMO, whole-food ingredients sourced from local farms whenever possible and depending on your preference. In addition to the whole-food/plant-based, vegetarian and vegan items already on the menu I can also adapt others to suit your needs. Lower salt, low fat, low glycemic-index, or no added oil meals are all possible.

The first step is calling me for a free, personal consultation at 617-717-8092 (cell) or (802) 446-3037 (landline) so that I can learn more about your tastes, preferences and lifestyle. I will then come to your home to do a comprehensive inventory of your kitchen and a survey of your family’s dietary needs, allergies, etc.

Weekly Meal Planning & Cooking

Rates starting at $215/cook date

Meal plans are priced per cook session and vary based on the number of meals I prepare. I package dishes in glass or “green” containers in whatever portion sizes you choose. I’ll place some of your meals in the refrigerator, and some in the freezer based on your preference with instructions about how to reheat. Plans are designed to be affordable and are similar to a moderately priced restaurant.

All desserts, breakfast breads and sides (unless included with a meal) are priced individually and average $5-$30 per dish with 3-12 servings.

Weekly Cook Sessions

3 meals per week, 4-6 servings of each: $215 + groceries

4 meals per week, 4-6 servings of each $265 + groceries

5 meals per week, 4-6 servings of each: $315 + groceries

Bi-Weekly Cook Sessions (every other week)

3 meals, 6-8 servings of each: $230 + groceries

4 meals, 6-8 servings of each: $280 + groceries

5 meals, 6-8 servings of each: $330 + groceries

Average Grocery Costs

Groceries range from $4-$9 per serving (conventional produce and grocery items tend to be less, organic local ingredients tend to run higher).

Lentils with Squash and Brussel Sprouts on a bed of baby spinach

Lentils with Squash and Brussel Sprouts on a bed of baby spinach

Cauliflower and Kale Soup

Cauliflower and Kale Soup


Plant-Based Cooking Classes

Meal Ideas and Meal Prep consultation

(Private or Group)

Rates starting at $50/person

I provide private cooking lessons for individuals, families and small groups right in your own kitchen or in mine. Whether you are looking to learn the basics or master a new type of cuisine, I would love to help you improve your skills, find your passion in the kitchen and make delicious, healthy food you love!

From menu planning and food shopping lists to easy time-savers and great kitchen hacks, my passion for cooking and love of good food is contagious! I am a patient and adaptive teacher and all lesson plans are completely customized to meet your needs, skill level and goals.

Lessons start at $50/person for a two-hour lesson for 2-4 students. Please call for more info or to schedule your lesson today!!

If you’d like to meet one-0n-one to learn fresh new ideas about how to change up your dinner routine or to learn some new tools to make your meals healthier and your meal prep faster, give me a call. $40/hour.

Choose from these whole food/ plant-based courses: Family Favorites; Anti-Inflammatory; Allergen-Friendly; Cooking for Great Digestion; Meal Prep Made Easy; Eating for Awesome Energy; Best Healthy Breakfasts; Smoothies and Elixirs Magic; Cooking to Kick Diabetes; Help! My Teen Wants to Be a Vegan; No Oil Cooking-30 Minute Meals.

Personal Chef for Small Party Events

Rates Depend on size of party

Vege Joy Person Chef is the perfect choice for your next special anniversary or birthday dinner, party or other memorable occasion. After planning the menu together, I will arrive at your home with all of the ingredients for making and serving a delicious meal to remember!

All plans include meal planning, food shopping, food costs, preparation, cooking and clean up. For parties of 2-5 meals are individually plated. Larger parties are served family style.

  • 2-5 Guests: $70-$90 per person, includes 1 appetizer or dessert, 1 main dish and 1-2 side dishes

  • 6-10 Guests: $60-$80 per person, includes 1 appetizer or dessert, 1-2 main dishes and 1-2 side dishes

Additional Options

  • Appetizers: $4-$10 per person

  • Dessert: $4-$10 per person

  • Disposable/Recyclable baking dishes and serving platters/utensils

Charred Corn Salad with Creamy Lime Dressing

Charred Corn Salad with Creamy Lime Dressing


Plant-based Personal chef for weekend getaways and yoga or fitness retreats

(Private or Group)

Rates starting at $350

I would be happy to be your Plant-Based personal chef for your

  • Southern Vermont AirBNB weekend

  • All season weekend get-a-way

If you have a kitchen, I can make it work.

Call me and we’ll figure out the details.

Elder Meal Care

Rates Negotiable

Are you a busy professional that lives out of state or at a distance where you can not regularly visit your elderly parent/s or other elderly loved ones? Would you like to hire Vege Joy to cook delicious, healthy food to your elderly loved ones on a regular basis? If your parent lives in Rutland, Bennington, Addison, or Windsor Counties of Vermont click the Let’s Eat button.

Beet and arugula salad with shredded pumpkin seed parmesan

Beet and arugula salad with shredded pumpkin seed parmesan


Roxane has been preparing meals for me for a few years and this has led me to better health and eating habits. I’m always amazed at her her creativity with food. She has made the most delicious brownies and it is a surprise they are made from black beans. Just recently she made almond bread which was loaded with enough nuts and seeds to appease the most "granola loving" taste. That’s what I like, but then she went above and beyond and made a cacao hemp spread for it which, in combination with the bread, was so irresistible… well, I ate it all. 

Then there are the mushrooms. I didn’t grow up eating mushrooms but Roxane knows which ones to buy and what to make out of them. Once she served big, robust mushrooms grilled and served in buns like hamburgers and they were amazing! I had no idea. Another time it was something called "Hen of the Woods" she made into a stroganoff sort of dish that was filling, had wonderful flavor and a hearty texture. Yes, I always feel lucky to be eating Roxane’s food!

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