Your Whole Food, Plant-Based Personal Chef
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Your Whole Food, Plant-based Personal Chef

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Roxane Johnson De Lear

Serving Southern Vermont & Boston, MA

I want to cook for you!


Hi! My name is Roxane Johnson De Lear and Vege Joy is my whole foods/plant-based personal chef and culinary nutrition expert service based in Tinmouth, Vermont and Boston, MA. As a friendly and helpful personal chef, I will work with you to cook one to several weeks’ worth of whole foods/plant-based meals based on a customized plan just for you and your family. I offer consultations, elder meal care, and plant-based cooking classes. I also can help with kitchen purges to align your healthy lifestyle with the food in your cupboard, and any other help you need to step fully into your nutritious and delicious future.

Plant-based means that I only cook meals that focus primarily on nutrition from plant-based sources. Some people call this a vegan. It doesn’t mean you have to be a vegan to let me cook for you. I am inclusive and work with omnivores, vegetarians, paleo vegans, gluten-free plant-based folks as well as those with specific food allergies. The idea is that you eat plant-based during some of the week when I am cooking for you but you feel free to eat what you like when I’m not cooking for you. As Michael Pollan says, "Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”

Besides having a Masters of Science in Biology, I am certified in FOK no-oil diet cooking recommended by Forks Over Knives and the Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine. I am also certified as a Culinary Nutrition Expert from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition. As a culinary nutrition expert, I have the expertise and science-based knowledge to create plant-based meals that aim to help you, the customer, live a more delicious and health-inspired life. Meals may be customized to your dietary needs and preferences, including: Vegan, Raw Vegan, Vegetarian, Plant-based Paleo, and I can make all of them Gluten and Allergen Free.

Vege Joy solves your meal problems::

o What’s for dinner tonight?

o How can I follow the recommendations from my doctor and eat more healthy, whole plant-based foods without spending so much time preparing meals?

o How can I spend more time with my family, doing the things I love (instead of thinking about what’s for dinner) and still get dinner on the table quickly?

o How can I eat more locally and do more to support local organic farmers?

o How can I serve my family great food at home without ordering the same old take-out which I know is high in fat, high is salt and does not contribute to my goal of helping my family to live a healthy lifestyle?

Why Vege? Because we focus solely on plant-based nutrition. Science shows that by eating plant-based meals, we can reverse disease. This is also one action we can take to help slow down global warming and improve global food issues.

Why Joy? Because you will feel joy when you come home to a refrigerator full of delicious meals. You will feel joy when you experience feeling better in your body and mind. You will feel joy at knowing you are doing the right thing for your family and the planet. You will feel joy once you realize that you are spending time with those you love, doing the things you love, instead of cooking (if that’s not your thing).


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Roxane wants to cook for you. She also offers classes to teach you how to cook for a nutritious and deliciously healthy lifestyle.


Mission Statement

Vege Joy empowers our clients to reach their personal health goals by preparing high-quality and delicious plant-based meals that help prevent, treat and reverse disease and supports well-being, for our clients and the planet. Vege Joy creates customized meal plans, then shops, cooks, and cleans up to support our clients’ health, wellness, and time goals. Vege Joy uses as many green processes and products as possible to support health and wellness not only for our clients but for our planet.

Our Vision for the Future

A food culture that supports and respects our whole health and the health and well-being of other animals and our planet. A humane and environmentally-based food culture that focuses on flavor, nutrients, and the ecology of the planet.


“Vege Joy food is delicious and versatile. Roxane is very conscientious about using food I like and that is organic. I don’t have to worry about making sure I have good, healthy, fresh food in my refrigerator. It’s already done. It’s already packed so can use it when I am traveling to gigs. It’s satisfying and delicious.”

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