Your Whole Food, Plant-Based Personal Chef

 Welcome to Vege Joy! Personal Chef, the first plant-based personal chef service in southwestern Vermont. Chef Roxane Johnson De Lear offers creative plant-based, healthy and delicious meals prepared in your home. Serving the southwestern Vermont Region (Rutland, Manchester, Ludlow) and bordering New York communities (Salem, Queensbury, Hoosick Fall, Glens Falls, etc…) area, we customize our service to meet your individual tastes and dietary needs and take care of everything from menu planning and shopping to meal prep, cooking and clean-up, so you can enjoy delicious, organic, earth-friendly plant-based cuisine all week long!

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You know you should eat more plant-based meals. You’ve read or watched Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food and or saw his TED talk about Food Rules. You have heard of Dr. Neal Bernard’s work on reversing diabetes or you might know about Dr. Gregor’s I can help! You don’t have to become a vegan or be totally plant-based. You can be a “bad” vegan and get the health benefits! Let me cook your whole foods/ plant-based meals for you those days when you are busy working, and you can eat those foods that you love (but aren’t so healthy) during the weekend. You can feel good about your health and get the best of both worlds.

What are some reasons you would be interested in my services?

  • You are a busy professional who knows you should eat more plant-based meals because you want to do the right thing for yourself, your family and the planet but lack of time doesn’t allow you to make the healthy and tasty meals you desire.

  • You understand the relationship of agribusiness to climate change, you want to support your local Vermont farmers, but don’t know how to get off of the Standard American Diet carousel.

  • You want to stay healthy as you age, or you want your family to eat healthy food but you just don’t have the time, the creativity, or the knowledge to do it in a way that works.  

  • You just need more time in your life. By the time you get home from work or extracurricular meetings and hobbies and from picking up the kids at school, you just settle on getting something from the freezer or call for pizza.

  • You see the weight gain and unhealthy behaviors and you want to change but you need help and encouragement to do so.

  • You understand why you need to improve your diet, but you don’t have the time, know-how or simply don’t like to cook or grocery shop.

  • You may want this as a gift for your elderly parents or your college student who live or are a student here in Vermont.

  • You or someone in your family has just been diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes or has been told to lose weight and you don’t know where to begin but you are ready to learn. You have even been suggested by your doctor, to explore a plant-based diet.